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AACE is positioned to become the leading provider of high quality professional aviation training. Established to raise the bar for the aviation training industry across the Asia Pacific region, we offer an extensive range of structured training programs and courses for all aviation personnel. Through providing quality and value to our growing customer base of regional commercial airlines and operators, AACE strives to shape the future of aviation training standards. Our diverse portfolio of flight and ground training, combined with our innovative technology, state-of-the-art facilities, and our fully certified and experienced instructors, is designed to enhance and advance any career in aviation. If you are looking for a customized aviation training program that suits your individual needs, we offer value-added solutions that can be tailored to any operator.

With more than 50 courses to choose from, AACE’s programs target all airline and aviation personnel including pilots, cabin crew, and engineering personnel. Our impressive training facility is fully operational around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our qualified training personnel is on hand at all times, offering full flexibility for all your aviation training needs. At AACE, we provide top-tier training by working closely with our clients to identify key areas of development, and provide participants with invaluable hands-on experience. As a premium Academy for all your aviation training needs, we offer a holistic service, from scheduling and accommodation to transport and meals, seamlessly managing the entire process from start to finish.

We aspire to be the “Centre of Excellence for Training in Asia”. We have a large portfolio of aviation related training that can be customised for you. We hold regulatory approvals from many National Aviation Authorities of Asia for Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier.

Our Training Programmes

Pilot Training & Development

Join the largest one-stop training and learning solution for commercial aviation in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Engineering & Ground Operation

Join one of the most comprehensive engineering and ground crew training program in the aviation industry.

Flight Attendants

We have been training every flight attendant for AirAsia and each of its worldwide regional partners

Corporate Leadership Training

We also have the capability to conduct Corporate Leadership Training to our corporate partners including those outside of the aviation industry

We are a Centre of Achievements


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Clients & Partners

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Latest News and Happenings

AACE Bomb Threat Drill

At AACE it's not just about all fun & games. AACE conducts periodic training & drills on health & safety issues to ensure that at AACE, safety is our main priority. Recently, AACE concluded its first Bomb threat safety drill with the help of Bomba, Police...

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AACE Makeover Series – Sarah

AACE recently conducted a program to showcase its capabilities in terms of improving one’s image and grooming. The program was designed to “transform” 5 individuals from AACE which have been handpicked by the CEO. The second “result” of this transformation is Sarah....

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#Allstarscuba makes its way to our shores

AACE & AirAsia conducted a PADI open water scuba certification course and also a fun dive for those already certified at Perhentian Island recently. Organized by Sorte Met Stella Scuba, 9 students completed the open water certification course and a total of 37...

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AACE Makeover Series – Fatin Nabilah

AACE recently conducted a program to showcase its capabilities in terms of improving one's image and grooming. The program was designed to "transform" 5 individuals from AACE which have been handpicked by the CEO. The first "result" of this transformation is Fatin...

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