Flight Attendant Courses

Flight Attendant Training

AACE is recognized as one of the top academy for training flight attendants. AACE has been training every single flight attendant for AirAsia and each of its worldwide regional partners. Our facilities are fully equipped with classrooms, pool area for safety training, airplane cabins and more.

Our Training Modules

The flight attendants training modules that we provide are comprehensive and covers all required aspects to keep our crew safe and the passengers secure and satisfied. From emergency procedures programs to managing complaints and service recovery, we are proud to be a training leaders of future potential leaders.

Flight Attendant Training Series

  • Safety Emergency Procedures Program
  • In-flight Service Program
  • Aircraft Familiarization
  • Aviation Terminology
  • First Aid
  • Grooming
  • Handling Acts of Terrorism and Disruptive Passengers
  • Wet Drill / Door Drill / Slide Drill / Water Survival & raft Management
  • Crew Resource Management

Safety Programmes

  • Bomb Threat
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Safety Awareness
  • Fire Drill

Soft Skills Training

  • Leadership program
  • Working in Teams
  • Image Program
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Service & Selling skills
  • Managing Complaints & Service Recovery
  • Service Conversation
  • Speak Up!
  • Public Announcement

Guest Service Skills

  • Guest Service Training
  • Luggage Irregularity Service

Grooming for Excellence

AACE believes in creating good impressions and relationships between airlines and their customers, therefore we provide only the highest training standards, facilities and instructors for our flight attendant trainees, covering every aspect from safety to soft skills.

From Attendant to Manager

We have a route for every diverse plan you may have for your career, whether it is to join the low cost airlines to full service airlines. If this is something calling out to you, hurry now and apply here!

Entry Level

Middle Management

Top Management

Go Further With Us

It takes one small step before making that giant leap with us, all around the world. We eagerly await for you to join us in our welcoming crew. Very soon you would most likely be exploring places you have never imagined you would have gone to before! Contact us today for more information that you may need. Just like our flight attendants, we are very happy to accommodate your queries.

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