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Engineering & Ground Operation Training

AACE’s engineering and ground crew training programs are also some of the most comprehensive in the aviation industry. Our twinning program is collaboration between Aviation Australia and AACE. Given that the Queensland State Government, located in Brisbane, owns Aviation Australia Queensland, Aviation Australia holds Part 147 approvals to conduct basic aircraft maintenance engineering training under the requirements of the respective airworthiness authorities.

EASA Twinning Program (AACE + Aviation Australia)

  • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
  • Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

The signing of a collaboration agreement with the Asian Aviation Centre of Excellence and Aviation Australia for EASA 147 Cat B training will further enhance the quality and the international recognition and employment of aircraft engineering students in local and international airlines and MROs.

Our Training Modules

Type Training Courses


  1. A320 and A330 Ground Handling
  2. A320 EGR
  3. A320 CART
  4. A320 PTC
  5. A320 Lighting Maintenance
  6. A320 Fuel Tank Inserting System (FTIS)
  7. CFM-56 Maintenance System

Non-Type Training Courses


  1. Air Legislation
  2. Human Factor Awareness
  3. ETOPS
  4. Safety Management System (SMS)
  5. Fuel Tank Safety
  6. Aircraft Tyre Familiarization


  1. Basic Digital Avionics
  2. Basic Gas Turbine
  3. Basic Airframe – Level 1
  4. Basic Electrical – DC (EASA 3A)
  5. Basic Electrical – AC (EASA 3B)
  6. Basic Instrument
  7. Basic Radio/Radar
  8. A320 Gen Familiarization
  9. Introduction to Aircraft
  10. Basic Electronic (EASA Mod 4)

Ramp & Safety

  1. Ramp Handling
  2. Airside Safety Awareness
  3. Human Factor

Short Training

  1. A320 Ground Communication
  2. Radio telephony

Engineering Career Path

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There is never a dull day in the aviation industry. Always something new, fresh and exciting to learn and discover. Even more so for the team that is committed to keeping all the gears running smoothly for a daily flying operation. If this sounds right in your runway, leave us your contact details in the form here and we will be pleased to respond to your queries or message. Let us get in touch today!

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